P E R I  H U G H E S
Former dancer turned fitness professional, Peri has a wealth of experience working with high profile clients in both Europe and the US to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. Peri’s passion for health, fitness and wellbeing has led her to work with some of the top boutique fitness studios in London and San Francisco, where she led teacher training and mentor programs, as well as delivered private and group training sessions to their clientele, including some members of the British Royal Family. 

Peri is excited to be bringing all of her experience and knowledge of movement to PH Method. PH Method draws upon Peri’s background as a dancer, where she pushed her body to physical extremes as well as her experience working with a myriad of clients helping to transform their bodies. PH Method is a full body workout based on fundamental principles designed to create optimal physical, emotional and mental balance through movement. At PH Method we create sequences that focus on intelligent movement patterning to systematically build strength, sculpt and tone the body. The movement patterns taught will challenge students and will enable them to find a balance of fluidity and flexibility in all exercises.  With a heavy focus on correct form & alignment we can release muscularskeletal blocks in the body which can build up over time due to  exercising in poor alignment and in a place of tension as oppose to ease. 
You will leave a PH Method class feeling energized and empowered. 


When Peri is not teaching she loves nothing more than to get out into nature and enjoy the beautiful coastal and mountainous hikes surrounding San Francisco, a glass of wine at the wineries in Sonoma, brunch with her girlfriends and traveling to new and exciting places with her husband. 


Some of the sounds and beats that inspire Peri and play in her classes are Chainsmokers, Florence & the Machine, Calvin Harris, Kaleo, Sia, Frank Ocean & Tiesto. Follow us on Spotify for more.


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