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I am due tomorrow and trying hard to fill my days with distractions so I don't fixate on my due date, as this little one will arrive when he is ready! I almost wish Doctors wouldn't give you a set due date as it really is only an estimation. Instead letting you know that you will not, in anyway go past 42 weeks would make this waiting game so much more manageable!

My distraction for today was to put together a 'Baby Flow' sequence to hopefully encourage the baby down and to help ease me, the eager mother! Please note the video was recorded on a hyper lapse so is sped up faster than you would perform the movements. Take it nice and slow and focus on your breath. Treat this as a moving meditation. 

The focus of the movement is really to create ease and space in the pelvic region, Plies and Squats are great exercises for the lower body to encourage this type of release as well as building strength in the legs. I incorporated some upper body pushups as we will want strong arms for all the baby lifting coming up and Gluteal work as a strong back body is essential to support all that is happening in the front body.


{ 1 } Plies in 2nd Position  - x 10

{ 2 } Warrior 2 Flow -  x 5  then hold in Warrior 2 - x 5 deep breaths

{ 3 } Lower to the mat in All 4's position for Cat & Cow Stretch -  x 5

{ 4 } All 4' s Seat Set
Lift & lower arm and leg in opposition - x 10  
Bird Dog - x 10
Pulse leg up an inch & down an inch - x 10
Lower onto forearm and open the knee and hip, Hamstring curls - x 10
Hold the in and pulse leg up - x 10
Draw small circles - x 10
Extend the leg out for final hold - x 10 counts in stillness

{ 5 } Push - Ups
x 5 slow, 2 count movement
x 5 quick, 1 count movement
x 10 hold 1/2 way and pulse down and up an inch

{ 6 } Deep Turned Out Squat
Stretch hold
Add chest opener in the squat stretch
Lift and lower hips full range squat - x 10

Repeat the complete flow on your 2nd side. 

Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions.