Join me for my '12 Days of Movement (New Mom) Challenge’ in the run up to Christmas! Each day (Starting December 12th) I will be posting a new exercise you can do with your baby. Some of these moves will be incorporating a stroller to help with balance and some will simply be fun new ways you can connect with your baby while working out! 

You can do these moves anywhere in your garden, park or even walking down the street! 

I want to encourage you all to continue to move frequently even on the run up to Christmas when it is easy to let your workout routines slide. As a new mom myself i know finding time to exercise is challenging between diaper changes, feeding and burping!

With little time and lots of distractions the key i have found is to set myself small goals each day. Each day i take little Sebastian out for a walk. Which is not only good for him to get fresh air and indirect sunlight but also does wonders for me, especially after a sleepless night! During these walks I've been adding in some gentle postnatal safe exercises like the ones i am challenging you to in the lead up to Christmas. I have found focusing on performing 1-2 exercises a day during my morning walk has been far more doable then committing to an hour long workout. 

Follow my challenge on the PH Method Instagram & Facebook pages and even more importantly i would love for you to take pics or videos of you all performing the challenge along with me and tag @phmethod and use the hashtags #12daysofmovement #newmomchallenge

Happy Holidays!