I am so happy to have you here to share my thoughts and inspirations with you all. This blog and the PH Method have been a dream in the making for many years and I am beyond excited to finally be arriving here in this moment, and to be able to share it all with you. 

This blog will be a platform for me to share my knowledge and practices in all things movement, lifestyle and wellbeing and will hopefully be a guide in helping you to create your balance in all aspects of your life. I have been a dancer, a student, a performer and teacher and in all these roles movement has been my main driving force. I move each day and i encourage you all to do the same. I strive to move with ease and with grace, something my years of training in Ballet and Modern dance have taught me. With my method i hope to create movement patterns which build strength with ease and create a strong, lean body without stress. I believe you can train hard but still balance out the ease and the effort. I believe variety in every aspect of life is key to creating balance and that how we do anything is how we do everything. 

I believe in always being a student, I will never stop learning. I hope to share with you my experiences knowing in turn I will learn and grow from each and everyone of you.

As this blog and my method grow stay tuned for pop events coming to a city near you and online videos where you can experience the PH Method for yourselves.