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It was hard to select just 5 but here are some of my favorite Pregnancy safe moves focusing on the muscles of the legs. 


{ 1 }  P L I  E   T O   A T T I T U D E   L E G   L I F T

This is a great exercise to tone the quadriceps and adductor muscles + adding in a balance component. During Pregnancy with the additional weight gain and imbalances felt in the body it is great to incorporate some balance work in your workout routine. 


{ M O V E } 

1. Bring your heels together and open your toes out to 1st position. Keep your ears aligned over your shoulders, shoulders over hips and hips over heels. Bend your knees into your Plié making sure your knees align over 2nd & 3rd toes.

2. Stretch both legs straight and hug inner thighs together then lift one leg to attitude. Keep the hips aligned and squared forward and open the inner thigh to the ceiling with a soft bend in the knee. Hands can stay resting on your hips to help you stabilize. Keep your bump hugging inwards to engage your core stabilizing muscles and to assist with posture & balance. 

Repeat 30x on each side.



{ 2 }  S U M O   S Q U A T   W I T H   W E I G H T

Squats are great exercises to engage the gluteal muscles and perfect to do throughout Pregnancy. 


{ M O V E }

1. Step your feet out slightly wider than your hips and turn your toes to 11 & 1 o'clock. Hinge your torso slightly forward of your hips maintaining a neutral spine. Energize shin bones forward and thigh bones back to get lower in your squat. If using a weight bring it in line with your sternum on the squat. 

2. Ground down through your heels and use your glutes to lift you all the way to standing with straight legs. Reach your weight straight out in front of your chest. Shoulders will stack over your hips when standing but will hinge slightly forward in the squat. 

Repeat 25-30x



{ 3 }  A L L  4 ' S  H E E L  P R E S S E S  W I T H  B A L L

This is  a great exercise to engage your hamstrings, glutes and core stabilizing muscles. 


{ M O V E }

1. Place hands under shoulders and knees under hips to find All 4's alignment. Maintain neutral spine and gently hug your bump up towards your spine. 

2. Squeeze the ball behind your knee and hug your heel towards your seat. Start to lift the leg up towards the ceiling with small pulses keeping the spine and pelvis stable. 

Repeat x30 on each side.


{ 4 }  B R I D G E  L I F T S  I N  1 S T  P O S I T I O N

This is another great exercise to engage the glutes, (especially the lateral) and your obliques. 


{ M O V E } 

1. Lie on your back in supine position. Bring your heels together and open your toes out into 1st position. Flex your feet and keep your heels connected. Let your knees fall open to a diamond shape and keep your hip bones square to the ceiling.

2. Lift your hips off the ground by engaging your glutes and abdominals to come into your bridge. Maintain a long spine as you lift and breathe your ribcage towards the floor. Lift the hips up 1 inch and press your knees out 1 inch. 

Repeat 20x and perform 3 sets (Lower hips to floor for a quick recovery between sets)


{ 5 }  H I N G E D  L U N G E

This is a great all round exercise to engage the muscles of the legs and also to challenge your balance. 


{ M O V E }

1. Start kneeling, step 1 leg forward so the knee and ankle are stacked and 1 leg back so the knee and hip are stacked. Maintaining a neutral spine hinge your torso forward from the hips and shift the front knee forward of the ankle bone. Curl the back toes under and elevate the knee off the floor. Arms will reach up on the diagonal with biceps drawing back towards ears. 

2. Stand all the way up to straight legs and reach your arms forward and back past your hips. Foundation down through the big toe mounts on each foot to help you balance and stabalize. 

Repeat x30 on each side. 


I would love to hear how you get on with these moves which you can literally do anywhere with little to no equipment. If you have any requests please drop a message in the comments below and stay tuned for next weeks installment of my 5 Favorite Pregnancy Moves with Arm  Focus.