Each week I am posting my top 5 Pregnancy moves and this weeks focus is on ARMS. Most of these exercises use little to no equipment. Don't worry if you don't own weights you can always fill up some water bottles to use instead! I am now in my 31st week of Pregnancy and find these moves safe and effective for me and my bump. Enjoy!

{ 1 }  P U S H - U P S

Push-ups are one of my favorite exercises to tone and strengthen the arms, chest, back and shoulders. However the engagement doesn't just stop there Push-ups (when performed correctly) are a great full body exercise.  

Push up.jpg


1. Step your hands wider than your shoulders, so that your elbows and wrist stack forming a 90 degree angle when you bend your arms. Walk your knees back behind your hips and kick your heels in towards your glutes. Maintain a neutral spine and hug your bump gently up towards your spine. Keep reaching the crown of your head forward and energizing the back of your skull to the ceiling to avoid hanging the head. 

2. Shift your shoulders forward and then lower your chest down towards the floor, stacking elbows over wrist until your ribcage comes in line with your elbows. This can be performed in a 2 count motion or a single count motion. Make sure to lead with your chest and not with your head. 

15-20 Repetitions. 


{ 2 } T R I C E P  D I P S

These can be performed on the floor however i have found with my growing bump using a chair edge enables me to have more space to move and find correct alignment without squashing my bump. 

Tricep Dips.jpg


1. Use a solid chair that will not tip over. Place your hands on the edge of the chair and scoot your hips forward until you drop off the edge of the seat. Step your feet out and place them hip distance apart a little forward of your knees. Maintain a neutral spine and gently hug your bump back towards the chair.

2. Deeply bend your elbows, stacking elbows over wrist and hugging elbows gently inwards towards the midline. As you bend your elbows your hips will lower towards the floor and then stretch out your elbows to lift your hips up. Keep your chest open wide and your gaze forward as you move. 

15 -20 Repetitions.


{ 3 } B I C E P  R O W S

You will want to have a weight in your hand (or bottles of water) for this exercise. I am using 4 Ib weights in the photo. Feel free to lift higher or lower as long as you can maintain your alignment. 

bicep rows 1.jpg
bicep rows.jpg


1. Take your feet hips distance apart and softly bend your knees. Hinge your torso forward maintaining a neutral spine and gently hug your bump in towards your spine. 

2. Pull your elbows back until your elbows are behind and higher than your ribcage and then stretch the arms straight back out in front of you. 

30 Repetitions. 


{ 4 } B I C E P  C U R L S  W I T H  R E S I S T A N C E

Resistance bands are one of my favorite pieces of kit to travel with. Light weight and barely takes up any space in a suitcase they make the perfect travel companion.

resistance bands.jpg


1. Place the band underneath your knees and kneel upright with your knees hips distance apart (Place additional padding under knees if needed for support). Stack your ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips and hips over knees and maintain your neutral spine alignment. Find abdominal engagement by gently hugging your bump towards your spine. Press down through your shin bones for stability and hug your inner thighs inwards.

2. Holding on to the Resistance band draw your hands up towards the outside edges of your shoulders. Keep your chest wide and gaze forward. Pull up as high to your shoulders as you can while maintaining your alignment and then slower lower your hands back down by your side. 

30 Repetitions. 


{ 5 }  S H O U L D E R  / B A C K  B O D Y  C O M B O  W I T H  W E I G H T S

This shoulder/back body combintion works the Deltoids, Pectorals, Latissimus Dorsi & Rotator Cuff Muscles. You can choose light or heavy weights just make sure you are able to maintain your shoulder alignment without over working your Upper Trapezius muscles. 

Shoulder & back body combo.jpg


1. Stand with your feet hips distance apart. Softly bend your knees and maintain a neutral pelvis and neutral spine. Gently engage your abdominals by hugging your bump in and back.

2. First lift your elbows up to shoulder height so you are framing your face with a # 11. Next Open the arms out to the side, keeping elbows and shoulders in line. Reach your arms straight up in line with your hair line and not directly over head. Pull your elbows down to your hips, bending your elbows. Finally lift your elbows back out to the side and to shoulder height and rotate your forearms parallel to the floor, keeping elbows in line with your shoulders. To complete the sequence return your arms back to the # 11 position and repeat the sequence.

15-20 Repetitions. 

Stay tuned for next week as i delve into my Top 5 Pregnancy Stretches!