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September is a great time to get back on track with your health and fitness goals and routines that may have shifted over the Summer months. I am a big advocate for making working out part of your weekly routine, a formed habit that you can keep to. However, I also know it can be extremely challenging at times when the Summer roles around and the kids are off school, or you have vacations planned and time off from work that it is easy to let your workout routine slide. 

September is now like the new January. A great time to refocus on your personal health and fitness goals and to make a plan for the final months of the year, setting yourself up with good practices that you can carry through into the new year. 

But how do you go from vacation mode to workout mode? Here are some of my personal tips that I practice each week to help keep me on track with my workout goals.

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{ 1 } Join a Challenge -  Find a workout studio that is running a challenge. Even though I have stopped teaching now with The Dailey Method as I wait for Baby Hughes to arrive it didn't stop me from joining their worldwide Align & Shine Challenge. The challenge is to complete 20 classes within 30 days. Its a challenge but completely doable if you set yourself up for success and plan ahead. Once you complete your 20 classes you are then in with a chance to win a full years membership at the studio you attend! But for me the best part is collecting that little gold star at the end of each class and adding it to the challenge board. Joining a challenge like this is a great way to motivate you into taking classes and to keep you accountable. Plus you are surrounded by fellow challengers who are working towards their own personal goals. The sense of community is really what pulls you through especially on days that feel particularly hard.

{ 2 } Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail - This saying is so true! Treat your workouts like you would a business meeting or Doctors appointment and put it in your calendar. Every Sunday I sit down with my personal planner, Classpass app, and favorite studio app and start to plan ahead for which classes I can attend for the upcoming week. Even though I am now on my Maternity leave I still stay true to this method and plan my workouts for the week ahead. Yes, at times work/life take over and you might have to cancel or reschedule a class. But you will be more committed to making it work out if you have already done the prep work at the start of the week and you can set a clear goal/intention for your workouts to better help you make them.

{ 3 } Journal - Start to write down your goals and intentions. At the start of the year I purchased a Happiness Planner Journal and have made it a weekly practice (some weeks better than others!) to write in my journal highlighting the things I am most grateful for and writing down the goals I hope to achieve in the week, months and year ahead. By putting pen to paper and writing your thoughts down you start to create a clear vision of what you really want out of life. You start to put your vision out into the universe and once you put your vision out there you are taking the first steps in achieving those goals. 

{ 4 } Train with a Buddy - Instead of going out for brunch, dinner or drinks with your friend or your date why not go workout instead. By training with a buddy they are making you accountable, you are aren't going to stand your friend up and they might even make you workout harder. Plus it is less intimidating especially if it is your first class at a new studio. You get quality time with your friend and you can check off your workout for the day -  Whats not to love! 

{ 5 } No Studio/Gym, No Problem - In the age of modern technology it is really hard to find reasons why you can't workout. If you don't live in a city with an abundant amount of studios and gyms on your doorstep then do not worry! There are plenty of at home workouts you can do with little to no equipment. Social media is really transforming the way we exercise and there are a lot of incredible trainers out there posting exercise content (for free!) that you can do at home or in your office. A couple of my favorite fitness gurus to follow on Instagram & YouTube are Alice Liveing, Cat Meffan and Simone De La Rue. If you follow me on Instagram @phmethod to you can also view some of my at home, pregnancy safe workouts and quick exercise moves you can do in as little as 5 or 10 minutes. Be stronger than your excuses! 

{ 6 } Remember it is NOT the end of the world or the end of your chances of ever achieving your health and fitness goals if you have a day where you don't make your workout, eat something unhealthy or you consume too many glasses of wine. Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to hit the reset button. 


It takes only 2 weeks to form a new habit. Stay honest and consistent with your workouts and before you know it finding time to workout will be as natural as brushing your teeth!