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After a tough old week of being sick and having to care for little Sebastian when I could barely look after myself. I was able to carve out some much needed 'me' time this weekend to breathe and reconnect with my mind and body. 

For months now I have been hearing whispers about an incredible ‘Women's Clubhouse’ space that had opened in the Mission district. With interiors so beautiful (not to mention instagramable!) you would want to move in. A sanctuary created for women by women. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it exists and its name is The Assembly on 14th Street sandwiched between Valencia St and Guerrero St. 


Occupying a historic building The Assembly offers a large co-working space, a bar offering coffee, kombucha and light snacks, a gorgeous garden space lined with citrus trees and a large open studio space on the ground floor. 


The Sanctuary (co-working space)


The Garden


The Bathrooms

You need to be a member to enjoy the amenities and monthly membership starts at around $250 a month. However I would highly recommend joining their mailing list as they do host ticketed events which non members can attend for a small fee. This weekend was one of those ticketed events The Class by Taryn Toomey was in town with guest teacher Natalie Kuhn. 


Before The Class by TT

I am a little bit obsessed with The Class and its founder Taryn Toomey after I first experienced it when I visited New York well over a year ago. When people ask me ‘So what is The Class?’ I find it really hard to put the experience into words. To me it is much more than a workout. Its a cathartic, mindful, high intensity experience with movement being the vehicle and an awesome soundtrack driving it. But still, if you have never taken The Class my description probably doesn't get you any closer to knowing what the hell you do IN The Class. So in movement terms you perform 1 movement for the full length of 1 song. The movement is simple and repetitive. You do burpees and jumping jacks and you are at it  for 3 mins +. The repetition and the challenge is when you start to 'shed the layers’ (as Natalie Kuhn so eloquently put it). You start to notice everything, your breath, your thoughts, the muscular burning as you take your 1000th squat! You use your voice. Not like an ‘OM’ you do in yoga but a verbal expression of everything you are feeling deep down in the pit of your stomach. Some people cry, its that effective. You will sweat a lot and you are literally mat edge to mat edge with your fellow students. You have to hope and pray that the people surrounding your mat have good spatial awareness! 


Aftermath - Sweaty haze

I left feeling emotionally lighter, incredibly sweaty and just so grateful I could have this time for me. It was just what I needed. I truly hope The Class by TT makes it back to San Francisco soon! 


I would love to be a member at The Assembly but, for me, its just not that practical. The Assembly is 20 minutes drive (without traffic) from my home and babies aren't really welcome unless there is a specific family focused event. So for now I will be a house guest, popping in whenever I can for an event or class and staying just a little too long! ;)

I would love to hear your comments if you have tried The Class by tt or have visited The Assembly.

As always thanks for reading!