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I have always favored working out in a class setting as oppose to a gym. I enjoy stepping into a studio for a dedicated hour of movement, a dedicated hour for me to nourish my mind, body and soul. However, 4 months down the road of being a new mom the reality is I just can’t get to a class each day to workout and the workouts I am able to do now have to fit into my baby's schedule, which means the shorter the better! 

This is why I am loving this concept of 'Exercise Snacking'. Essentially grabbing the opportunity when you can to move your body throughout the day. It doesn't need to be complex or creative movement and you don't need to use equipment. Instead utilize what you have around you. For example every time you go to the sink to wash up perform 10 Push Ups with your hands on the sink edge. If you set yourself the challenge to perform these movements throughout the day you will actually be performing a lot of repetitions and gaining some serious physical & emotional benefits.

Whether your job means you are sat at a desk for long periods at a time or like me you are a mom nursing an infant every couple of hours you will feel 100% better physically and mentally if you give yourself the chance to get up and move to break up the sedentary state.  Squeezing in an ‘Exercise Snack’ will help with blood flow and circulation, you will release endorphins that will give you a natural high and short bursts of movement throughout the day will work wonders on improving your metabolic state.

I truly believe that to feel physically, mentally and emotionally balanced we should be moving our bodies every single day in different planes and with varying dynamics. When time is short we need to adapt to workout shorter and smarter. 

To eliminate the dread of ‘But what can I do for my Exercise Snack?' I have created 7 easy moves you can literally do anywhere! Utilizing items and furniture that surround you everyday. All you need to do is choose 1 or 2 of these ‘snacks’ and perform 10x repetitions at different Intervals throughout the day. Perhaps every time you take a restroom break at work or whenever you heat up a bottle of milk for your baby! 

1. Supported Parallel Squat to Chataranga Push Up (Kitchen Counter Top) - Place your hands on the edge of your kitchen counter and walk your legs back until you are in a supported plank position. Squat your hips low, arms straight on the counter then stand up, lift your heels and take a Chataranga push up into the counter, hugging your elbows into the sides of your ribs.

2. Chair Tricep Dips - Place your hands on the edge of your chair with your fingertips pointing towards your hips. Scoot your hips off the chair and stack your shoulders and your hips on top of one another. Start to lower your hips to the ground by deeply bending your elbows and hugging them slightly in to engage your triceps. Then extend your arms all the way straight. 

3. Plank Hip Dips - Come into a low forearm plank with your elbows under your shoulders and forearms in a no. 11 formation with fingertips pointing forward. Keep your ankles as stable as possible and dip your hip down to the floor. Alternate side to side to engage your obliques. 

3. Chair Lunges - Place one foot on a chair and hop the other leg forward to form a lunge position. Take a deep lunge dipping the elevated knee down low to the floor. Use the glutes of your supporting leg to stand you back up. 

4. Wide Turned Out Plie - Step your legs out wider than your hips and take a deep plie. At the lowest point of your plie lift your heels and push back up to straight legs keeping your heels lifted. Then lower them back down to repeat the sequence. 

5. Coffee Table Mountain Climbers - Place your hands on top of a coffee table or low table. Come into a full form plank. Then start to run your knees into your chest. Pull your abdominals in towards your spine to help stablize your lower back. 

6. Boat Pose Hold - Take a seat on the floor, rock back onto your sacrum and lift your legs to table top off the floor. Your body should make a ‘V’ shape. Keep your chest wide, your spine long in neutral and hug your abdominals in and hold. This will challenge your balance and your core. 

7. Chair Squats to Knee Pull - Take your feet hips distance apart and have your toes pointing forward. Take a deep bend of your knees and squat your hips down to the chair behind you. Try and lightly tap the chair on the way down. Stand all the way up to straight legs and then pull one knee into your chest. Alternate side to side, chair squat to knee pull.

Head over to my Instagram page @phmethod to see videos of these moves.

I love to hear from you guys so please drop a comment below!

Happy Snacking!