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Sakara Life has been gaining popularity over social media channels from East to West coast over the last year. Known for their beautifully packaged, Plant-Based meal delivery service and plans. What makes Sakara different is that their meals are grounded in nutritional science around eating a whole food, Plant-Based diet. In all of their marketing they are very quick to point out that THIS IS NOT A DIET, but a lifestyle. Which I love! I don't believe in diets but I do believe in sourcing quality, nutrient dense foods and outsourcing when needed so you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle when living a busy life. 

The Sakara Life program was created to bring their clients foods that reduce inflammation, heal the gut, balance out blood sugar and hormones and that regulate the digestive system. 

You can choose from a 3 Day or 5 Day Plan and you can choose between having all 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) delivered or just 2 (Breakfast and Lunch). Last week I embarked on the 3 Day plan and opted for Breakfast and Lunch to be delivered. My 'WHY' in choosing this program was not to lose weight, or detox, or to restart but I was genuinely interested in trying the Sakara foods. I am not Vegan. I do eat meat roughly 2-3x per week and then I eat Plant-Based the rest of the time. I wanted to see how my body responded to the Sakara meals, that are expertly crafted and beautifully balanced so you are hitting all your complete protein sources in each meal. My Husband was traveling for work and Breakfast and Lunch are often challenging meals for me to spend time on when I am getting my Baby fed and ready and also trying to get myself ready to head to work. Sakara deliver your meals overnight so they are ready and waiting when you wake up. Perfect!


I have to admit I truly felt like I ate like a queen while on this plan for a few days. The meals were beyond delicious - to the point that you are licking the pot that your breakfast came in! At no point over the 3 days did I feel deprived of food or left feeling hungry. But I also felt that the portion size was perfect so I never felt over full, just completely satisfied. I didn't experience any late afternoon sugar cravings which I find can creep in every now and again. The reason for this I feel is because I was having the exact amount (for what my body needed) of complete proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats. Which is not always easy to hit that right balance when cooking your own meals. 

Zen Zucchini Breakfast Muffin w/ Coconut Bliss Creme + Blueberries

Zen Zucchini Breakfast Muffin w/ Coconut Bliss Creme + Blueberries

Beyond the meals I also loved the Detox Tea (2x a day) and the Beauty and Detox Water Concentrates which are included in the plan but can also be purchased separately via the Sakara Life Online Boutique. The Detox Tea is a caffeine free infusion of Red Rooibos (Rich in age-fighting antioxidant and fat fighting compounds), Lemongrass (Medicinal plant known to detox the digestive tract, liver, kidneys, bladder and pancreas) and Rose (Calms the adrenal system). I drank the tea between my meals, having one mid morning and one in the afternoon. 

Buckwheat Noodle Bibimbap

Buckwheat Noodle Bibimbap

The  Beauty Water you would add to water first thing in the morning before breakfast. This water was infused with Rose (Calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory) and Silica (A mineral that helps boost Collagen production, improves hydration to the skin). The Detox Water you are directed to add to water before bedtime and this concentrate contains Chlorophyll (Helps eliminate toxins from the body) and Magnesium (Vital to the function and metabolism of every cell in the body, combats stress and digestion and toxin elimination). 

So would I do Sakara Life again? 

Heres the skinny.... I LOVED the plan and think this is ideal for someone who is busy and struggling to find the time to cook or source wholesome meals OR if you are traveling or returning home from traveling and need some meals prepped and ready for your arrival (I believe Sakara delivers all over the US) OR if you are hitting a roadblock with your diet/lifestyle and need some guidance on how to get back on track. 

The downside to this plan is that it does come at a high cost and so it is not going to be an option for everyone. I also found that it makes things a little challenging when you need to still prep meals for your family (Husband + Baby) and I do personally enjoy cooking for my family.

For those who really want to try the plan BUT the price is a little too high then check out the Sakara Life instagram page @sakaralife, sign up to their mailing list and check their website as they do run promotions and deals on their plans. I managed to get 15% off mine! 

As always thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I always love to hear from you so please don't hesitate to drop a comment below!