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I love to learn about the newest wellness trends on the market. The ones Bloggers, Vloggers and Influencers are raving about. The ones that make you think 'I need to be doing that if it helps me look as healthy and glowing as those people on the gram!' I like to test them out and see whether they first work and second that they are realistic and sustainable. But since becoming a Mom (already 9 months in) the thought of adding anything else into my already jam packed day seems near impossible. So I have been on a mission to find sustainable Wellness Hacks that will help me to look and feel my best with out taking up too much precious time. 

The idea of spending slow mornings journaling, goal and intention setting, meditating... (the list goes on) sounds glorious! But the reality is that I don't have that luxury of time and I am sure many of you don't either. So whether you are a full time mom or have a busy work schedule I wanted to give you some of my go to Wellness Hacks that not only have made a difference in my health (I am talking clearer skin and digestion people!) but won't take out much time from your day or add to your already packed schedules. 

My Top Wellness Hacks :

{ 1 }  W A K E  U P   - Set your alarm a little earlier than when your Baby wakes up.  I have found this to be one of the best ways for me to start my day. I set my alarm for 5.45am or 6am and have sometimes 30mins or (on good days) a full hour to myself before I need to be mom. I use this time differently depending on my mood and what I have scheduled in the day. Sometimes its as simple as enjoying my morning coffee or showering in peace and on other days it might be a 10 minute meditation. I recently learnt from a podcast featuring the incredible Sleep Scientist, Matthew Walker that if you have had a bad night sleep then sleeping-in the following morning does not actually help to make you feel more alert and less tired. Instead he recommends you consistently wake up at the same time each morning (even if you had a late night) but then try to get to bed earlier the following night. This helps me to justify my 5.45 and 6am wake ups! 

{ 2 }  P R A C T I C E   M I N D F U L N E S S - Find time to meditate. I don't meditate everyday but I have found on the days I am scheduled to teach that if I manage to squeeze in a 10 minute meditation at the beginning of my day it really helps me to be more focused, alert  and energized to take on my day. For me I can only have the capacity to hold space and meditate if I set my alarm earlier than when my son wakes. 

{ 3 }  H Y D R A T E  - Getting the right amount of water each day can be a challenge for anyone and I have found since becoming a Mom this has become even more challenging for me. I noticed my skin looking dehydrated and I started getting headaches which I believe was due to me not drinking enough water throughout my day. Always prioritizing my son, Sebastians needs before my own. I would find I would go for significant periods of time without water because every time I went to get some I would get distracted by my little human. I ended up investing in a larger Hydro Flask  1L water bottle which I fill up and make sure I drink a full liter before I leave the house in the morning. I then keep my bottle filled throughout my day and drink an additional 2 to 2.5L The game changer for me has been starting my day drinking a large amount of water to rehydrate me from my night sleep. I alternate between adding a squeeze of Lemon to my morning water or the Sakara Life Detox Water with added Chlorophyll (One of my main take aways from doing their 3 day plan). Chlorophyll is a powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate toxins from your body and flushes your body with oxygen helping to improve circulation, boost energy and stimulate cell rejuvenation.  

{ 4 }  C O F F E E - I love my morning brew. It feels like such a treat to me and I won't give it up for anyone! Ha! But i have been trying new ways to make my morning coffee more than just coffee. I hopped on the Bulletproof coffee train for a couple of stops and so far have decided that I am happy to add MCT Coconut Oil to my coffee and Collagen Powder. The MCT oil stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides and is a saturated fatty acid. MCT oil has been linked to weight loss/maintenance, helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients and improves energy levels and your mood. Collagen Peptides are great for your skin and bones and can help to stabilize hormones. The trick is to add all of the ingredients in to a blender and mix it on a high speed for 30 seconds to create an incredible froth. 

My Morning Brew:

{ 5 }  M O V E  - I try to move my body in some way or form everyday. It makes me feel so much better and I swear my good mood vibes rub off onto Sebastian. Somedays I will exercise by taking a studio class, my go to’s are The Dailey Method, Barrys Bootcamp, Body Roc and Yoga Flow. Some days its me doing a Barre class with Sebastian strapped on in a carrier and other days it might be a brisk walk with Sebastian in the stroller. Any form, any way I make it a priority to fit it into my day. 

{ 6 }  M E A L   S H O R T C U T S - I love to cook meals for my family. But once I have put Sebastian to bed between 6.45 and 7pm the last thing I want to do is spend an hour or more in the kitchen. I have discovered some great shortcuts which enable me to spend less time slaving away over the stove but allow me to still create healthy, wholesome meals for my family. I have been switching out grains (which often take longer to cook) for riced Broccoli, Cauliflower and Spiralized Sweet Potato and Zucchini. If you don't want to rice or spiralize yourself then you can buy already prepped veggies from Trader Joes and Good Eggs (in the US). I also love to prep Overnight Oats the night before so I have a delicious breakfast ready for me when I wake up. Other than making my homemade Granola (see recipe in previous post) and Sebastians meals that is pretty much the extent of my weekly meal prepping.  

{ 7 }  S K I N C A R E - I have been making the gradual move over to clean beauty and skincare products and I can now happily say I have landed on a routine that I love. For me the evenings (once Seb is down for the night) are when I get a little more time for me. I like to take extra time for my evening skincare routine and use this as my way to slow down, relax and prepare for bed. I invest in products that not only work, but make me feel good and like I have just been to a spa! Once I shifted  my mindset away from this being a mundane daily routine I really started to look forward to spending 10 mins to myself preparing for bed. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to learn more about my clean skincare routine! 

{ 8 }  I N T E R M I T T E N T   F A S T I N G - This is not as scary as it may sound. Essentially it means you consolidate the hours in the day in which you eat your meals and then you give your body and digestion a break from eating for anywhere between 14-16 hours. For example you could have your dinner at 8pm and then you would not eat again until 10 or 11am meaning you would have a late breakfast or early lunch. I have only just started experimenting with this but I am loving the results so far. I will dedicate a post to this very topic very soon!

These are some wellness hacks that I personally have found work well for me and that I have been able to sustain over a period of time longer than a month. All the recommendations are my own personal recommendations and none of this content is sponsored. I would love to hear from you guys ( in the comments below!)  if you have any go to Wellness Hacks that have been working for you. 

As always thank you for visiting my blog!

Until next time...