T H E  M E T H O D
Our primary focus is to create optimal physical, emotional and mental balance through the power of movement. In a PH Method class Peri will guide you though a full body transformative workout which will not only create balance and ease in your body, but also strength and flexibility. During a PH Method class you will alternate between low impact, resistance training, to align, sculpt and tone your body, followed by high intensity, explosive cardio bursts to elevate your heart rate, sweat out your bodies toxins and to assist with speeding up your metabolism.

Dancers are some of the fittest athletes in the world; not only strong, but supple. Peri uses her expertise in the field of rigorous dance training to create a well-balanced, safe, effective & fun workout. In a PH Method class you will sweat, you will be challenged and your body will change. 


P H : T H E  C L A S S
This is our signature class which is the fullest expression of our method. Group classes can be adapted to suit many different locations and available for corporate events.  This class will use light equipment, is suitable for pre or post natal students and modifications are always made available. 


P H 1 : 1
We offer private training sessions at your home, in studio or at your workplace. We work with you to build a bespoke training program to suit your individual needs and to help you reach your personal goals. 


P H 1 : 2
Pre & post natal classes are available either in small groups, duos or privately. Peri has successfully rehabilitated many students who have suffered Diasatasis Rectic and Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction post birth. The PH Method is a safe, low impact, intelligent form of exercise to prepare for pregnancy and to rebuild strength after birth.

Please contact peri@phmethod.com for prices and to schedule in your first private or group session.